Welcome to Me Me Me - a brand new musical movie.

'A brilliant magical musical mystery tour that never loses its bite (or its mystery)' - Madame Arcati. (One of the Internet's most respected critics).

It can be watched FREE online in full (depending on the strength and quality of your internet connection - low quality and tiny screen; medium for slightly larger and high quality for full screen).

We also have FREE download facilities in case you'd like to copy it onto your hard drive and watch later either on your computer or mobile phone (how can anybody watch something that small?).

Over the first years online we've had over 750,000 FULL LENGTH views or downloads or people watching some or most of the movie.

And over 95,000 views on our You Tube channels.

The DVD and CD soundtrack are available from Amazon and other sources. This twin pack disc set carries the film on one disc and the soundtrack on the other. With all the lyrics for all the songs and great photos. Plus full orchestral backing tracks for most of the songs in case you want to perform it on stage - please get permission from us at...

Revvolution Movies, 1 Wyndham Yard, London W1H 2QF

if you're doing a public performance.

Enjoy the film and please spread the word.

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The Songs.

1 Me Me Me Theme 2:29 The Theme by Jake

2 Don't Let Him Touch You 3:19 The Angelettes/performed by The Sirens

3 It's A Hell Of A Story 4:20 Marshall/Secretary/Armitage Shanks/The Moon Staff

4 It's Illegal, It's Immoral, It's Unhealthy But It's Fun 4:19 Gogmagog/performed by Falling Red

5 Rub It Hard 3:10 biggYbigg

6 Robbie 2:28 Gloria Gorgeous/performed by Tabby

7 Penny 2:53 JK/performed by Ben Volio/Secretary

8 Baby I Gotta Go 3:26 Johnny Bambino

9 He Hit Me Again 3:52 Gloria Gorgeous/performed by Julia Fellowes

10 Let's Not Get Dirty 2:38 Johnny Bambino

11 A Very Very Naughty Girl 3:12 Jane

12 Livin' In A Fucking Time Warp 3:27 Gogmagog/performed by Falling Red

13 Don't Forget Me When You're On Your Island 2:12 Johnny Bambino

14 I Cried 2:01 The Angelettes/performed by Jane

15 Siren's Song 3:24 Sakkarin/Instrumental

16 Never Let The Bastards Get You Down 2:39 Jay/Tabby

17 Hope, Life and Love 3:40 Jay/Tabby/Crystal Siren/Armitage/company

Backing tracks

18 It's A Hell Of A Story

19 Robbie

20 Penny

21 Baby I Gotta Go

22 Let's Not Get Dirty

23 A Very Very Naughty Girl

24 I Cried

25 Never Let The Bastards Get You Down

26 Hope, Life and Love

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