Paul WiffenPaul Wiffen Was the Director but also was Casting Director, Editor of huge chunks and general multi functioning cheerleader.

Linda CatlinLinda Catlin Did all the hair and makeup design with immense dedication and imagination; strongly assisted by Candy Alderson

Mike ConnollyMike Connolly Camera, lighting, nuke fx and compositing everything from babies on buildings to green screen scenes.

John HibbsJohn Hibbs In charge of costumes, design and the look of all the characters; yet again working with very little money but loads of imagination.

James BatleyJames Batley Second Unit Director and Line Producer but much, much more, doing everything from making tea to organising locations and editing. He's a successful film maker in his own right.

Chris ReadingChris Reading Was in charge of sound, strongly supported by Gearoid Conlon who also helped edit and composite.

Steve LevineSteve Levine Supervised all the music recordings, mixing and mastering as well as overseeing the sound throughout.

Bryony QuinnBryony Quinn Drew all the babies from pencil sketches to finished artwork.

Jonathan KingJonathan King Wrote the songs and the script and pretended to be the Producer.

Jan Kuhr Looked after Rotoscoping.

Johnny Arthey and Arthur Greenslade Were the original arrangers on most of the tracks.

Perry Kate Lambert Did most of the voice overs