Me Me Me – the story.

All over London town, paintings of smiling babies start cropping up on walls, doors, buildings and hoardings.

Big, bright, beautiful, beaming babies.

Signed BabyDraw. Everyone is talking about them.

Graffiti but not graffiti. Banksy but not Banksy.

In the offices of Britain’s biggest, brightest, beautiful breakfast tabloid – The Moon – Editor Marshall Artes believes these paintings are the work of teenagers so, instead of handing his investigation over to more experienced hack Mary Montague Miah, he gives the job to Work Experience girl Jane Fellowes.

Excited by her first assignment, Jane gets her best friend Tabitha to help; together they head out to the popular club near the suspected source of the stencils. There they meet the perpetrator, Johnny Bambino, and his brother and friend Jay Fratello.

Johnny and Jane immediately fall in love and reveal all to each other, to the consternation of Jay and Tabby.

With Johnny’s permission, Jane writes a huge article for The Moon, revealing who BabyDraw is and carrying his photo.

Record producer Ben Volio sees it and decides to turn him into a pop star. Within months Johnny has not just one, not just two but three consecutive chart toppers.

Everything is coming up roses. But it is all about to turn pear shaped…

Director Paul Wiffen says – “The most fun film I’ve ever directed; the cast and crew were an absolute delight”.

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The Rocky Horror Show meets Mamma Mia?

Try it; you might like it.

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